"PIR & PUR Pipe - Fittings - Equipment - CNC Cutting Insulation System"

Prefabricated Insulation Systems


A new understanding,

A new application ...


Faster, more practical,

More controllable ....



Block Poliurethane (PIR & PUR) with Fast-Wire cutting systems

Pipe, Fittings, Equipment, Bomb, Flange and Valve Boxes ...

Processing of specific details is easier ...

Provides visual inspection for expert opinion ...

Compliance with International Standards ...

Among the layers in LNG (Natural Gas) system insulation

MORE using vapor breaker insulation elements



Polyurethane, about creating thermal barriers

Is one of the best performing products and

Against other types of thermal insulation materials

Superior insulation values.

These values are the best performance of Polyurethane

Insulation material.


PIR and PUR foam series offer superior insulation value

(Lambda 0.023 W / mK) and does not contain HFC.

The foam is characterized by its extraordinary mechanical properties.

Closed cell structure prevents water absorption.

It is possible to protect the energy efficiency by preventing the losses by applying the insulation of the energy lines which are made important.

We recommend that the insulation material to be used be selected correctly and applied by qualified personnel.

Gen-iz Yapı offers modular insulation system can be operated with all kinds of on-site welding, assembly, after the test is finished allows you to save time with extremely easy installation application. The heat transmission coefficient, insulation throughout life (min. 30 years) remains constant. low operating costs throughout the life of isolation and almost no heat loss is constant. Installation is easy, saves time and labor. Minimize labor mistakes. Galleries and allowed enveloping with a special protective under ground except the gallery.

Thermal conductivity

0.019 W / (mK) or 0.023 W / (mK), according to TSE EN 253 the foam density is at least 40 kg / m3.



It is used in LNG Equipment and Pipelines, Ammonia and various refrigeration gas installations, Geothermal District Heating Systems, Central Heating Systems, Gallery and Underground Piping Applications, Fire Lines, Industrial Plants, Plant-House Heating Systems, Gas and Oil Pipelines, Ship Installations.